Get ready for a sizzling battle you won’t want to miss! On Saturday, December 2nd, Dennis Hobson is inviting all Fightzone viewers to witness the electrifying clash between two formidable fighters, Keanen Wainwright and Haithem Laamouz. This epic showdown will take place at the Hotel Intercontinental in Malta and promises to deliver thrills, spills, and the chance to claim the coveted Commonwealth Silver Lightweight belt.

Sheffield’s own Keanen Wainwright, a professional since 2018, boasts an impressive record of 10 wins from 12 fights, and he’s known for his devastating knockout power, with six of his victories coming by way of knockout. On the other side of the ring, the Maltese sensation Haithem Laamouz brings his wealth of experience to the battlefield, with just a single loss in 20 fights, and an astonishing eight opponents who failed to make it to the final bell.

This battle is set to be a high-octane affair fueled by a simmering rivalry. The sparks first flew when the two fighters had a heated confrontation at the previous show in Malta. It’s a side of Keanen Wainwright we haven’t seen before, and with the hometown advantage on Haithem’s side, expect nothing less than a fiery showdown.

The Commonwealth Silver Title they’re fighting for carries immense significance for both warriors, making this bout a ferocious contest of epic proportions. While Haithem’s pedigree speaks for itself, this challenge marks a pivotal moment for Keanen as he steps up to face a highly skilled adversary on his home turf.

Dennis Hobson, a staunch supporter of Keanen, believes this fight is the gateway to greater opportunities and is confident that Wainwright has what it takes to shine on the big stage. With both fighters hungry for success, this showdown promises to be a thrilling spectacle that boxing fans will be talking about for years to come.

The best part? You can catch all the action for FREE on Fightzone! Don’t miss out on this explosive battle for glory – mark your calendars and tune in, because this is a fight that simply cannot be missed!