The Fightzone cameras are gearing up to capture Haithem Laamouz electrifying atmosphere of the Hotel Intercontinental in St. Julian’s, Malta, on Saturday, December 2. Boxing enthusiasts mark your calendars because this evening promises a spectacular line-up of top-tier competition, and the best part. It’s all free for you to watch online!

The event’s highlight is a marquee match-up with the boxing community buzzing with excitement. Haithem Laamouz, the seasoned local favourite, will enter the ring against the formidable Keanen Wainwright, contending for the vacant Commonwealth Silver Lightweight Title. This ten-round duel is expected to deliver fireworks as Haithem Laamouz, nicknamed ‘The Flash,’ brings his experience and the emotional support of his home crowd to the fight.

Haithem Laamouz

Haithem Laamouz

Haithem Laamouz impressive boxing journey began at 17-18, and he quickly made a name for himself in the amateur circuit. He ranked 4th in England in 2012 and secured two-time victories as the King of Ring in Sweden. Additionally, he clinched two gold medals at the Haringey Box Cup and became the London champ in 2012.

When asked about his favourite fighters, Laamouz mentioned the likes of Mike Tyson, Gennady Golovkin, and Lomachenko. He attributes his strength in boxing to his unwavering work ethic and ability to overcome challenges. However, living in Malta, he faces a shortage of high-level training and sparring opportunities throughout the year.

For Haithem Laamouz, securing funding and sponsorship is the most challenging aspect of being a professional fighter. But despite the challenges, he envisions winning belts in the lightweight division. He draws inspiration from fellow British fighters like Tyson Fury, Joe Cordina, Josh Taylor, Conor Benn, and Fabio Wardley.

Haithem Laamouz is set on facing the Commonwealth champion.

Sam Noakes, in 2023/24. Outside the ring, he enjoys a good rib-eye steak or fish as his favourite meal and has a soft spot for the film “Jurassic Park.”

This dedicated boxer also aspires beyond his boxing career. He aims to retire and establish his own gym facility, running a successful business. His journey has been marked by self-determination, as he coached himself during his amateur career from 2009 to 2014, gaining invaluable experience and skills across Europe, often at his own expense.

With a heart for charity, Laamouz would use his lottery winnings to buy a house and donate to help the poor and hungry. In five years, he envisions living out this dream, giving back to the community while pursuing his passion for boxing.

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