Levi Giles Super Featherweight Champion

In a thrilling night of boxing at the Grimsby Auditorium, Levi Giles emerged as the new Silver Commonwealth Super Featherweight Champion, marking a historic moment for the hometown hero.

In an exclusive interview, Giles shared his thoughts and emotions, providing insight into his journey to victory.

Levi Giles

Levi Giles Super Featherweight Champion

basking in the glory of his recent triumph, described the moment as “fantastic.” It was a dream come true for the local fighter who had always believed in himself, even when others had doubts.

“I knew that was very, very tough,” he remarked, referring to his opponent, Razaq Najib. Despite his own criticism of his performance, Levi emphasised the importance of learning and expressed his readiness for more challenging fights.

Reflecting on the level of competition he aspires to, Giles acknowledged Reece Bellotti’s recent win and stated, “I’ve got the silver; let’s go for the gold.”

His ambition and determination were evident as he looked forward to facing more formidable opponents and progressing in his career.

Levi Giles Super Featherweight Champion

Giles did not underestimate Najib’s relentless style and constant forward pressure. Levi admitted that Najib’s unique fighting style, combined with his toughness, made the fight one of his most challenging yet.

He said, “That’s my toughest fight today, and for me, I underestimate no one.”

The atmosphere at the Grimsby Auditorium was electric, with fans and supporters filling the smaller arena to capacity.

Levi Giles Super Featherweight Champion expressed his gratitude, saying, “It’s so surreal that I’m living my dream.”

He emphasised the importance of the unwavering support he received from fans, friends, and family throughout his journey.

As a symbol of inspiration for Grimsby and the sport of boxing, Levi Giles Super Featherweight Champion concluded with a message of appreciation for his supporters and his dedicated team.

He thanked his sponsors and acknowledged the incredible effort put in by his team members, who shared his journey from humble beginnings. Levi highlighted their collective determination to succeed, stating, “This is just the start.”

Levi Giles Super Featherweight Champion’ victory has etched his name in the annals of boxing history, and he remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring fighters.

With his eyes set on the gold and a bright future ahead, the boxing world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the remarkable career of the Silver Commonwealth Super Featherweight Champion.

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