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Watch Adrian King, Yorkshire’s rising heavyweight star, fight live on July 20th on FightZone platforms and TalkSPORT YouTube. Don’t miss this exciting event!
Adrian King

Adrian King, the rising star from Yorkshire, also known as “The Next,” is making a name for himself in the heavyweight division. Despite his relatively short stint in amateur boxing, this 6’6″ Beverley native has left a significant mark in the professional ranks. With a record of 3-0 (1 KO) since his pro debut in November, he’s a contender to watch.

At just 19 years old, King is quickly learning the ropes under the guidance of former British champion Curtis Woodhouse. His next fight is set for July 20th at the Beverley Leisure Centre, where he will perform in front of his hometown crowd. The event will be broadcast live and free on all FightZone platforms and the TalkSPORT YouTube channel, making it accessible to boxing fans everywhere.

King shared insights about his journey and aspirations ahead of his much-anticipated homecoming. He began boxing at 16 and had only two amateur fights, winning both before turning professional. Despite his limited amateur experience, his speed and dedication have made up for his lack of time in the ring.

When asked about his inspirations and role models, King expressed admiration for former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, whom he cites as his favourite all-time fighter. Among current British boxers, King is particularly impressed by Tyson Fury, Fabio Wardley, and Anthony Joshua.

Adrian King is no stranger to the challenges of being a professional fighter, with extensive travel being one of the toughest aspects. Yet, his dedication to the sport remains unyielding. Looking ahead to 2024 and 2025, he’s prepared to face any opponent his team selects for him, embodying the true spirit of a fighter.

Outside the ring, Adrian King has many interests and favourites. His go-to meal is ackee and saltfish, and he finds joy in the film “Rush Hour 2.” If his life were to be portrayed on the big screen, he envisions Jamie Foxx playing his character. Hull, his favourite city, holds a special place in his heart, and he dreams of buying his mother a house if he ever hits the jackpot.

King’s boxing ambitions are clear: He aims to become the heavyweight champion. His passion for greatness drives him, and he strives to achieve his goals. An interesting personal fact about King is his allergy to nuts, a detail that adds a human touch to the persona of a rising boxing star.

The local community and boxing enthusiasts will watch closely as Adrian King prepares for his upcoming fight. His determination, skill, and charismatic personality make him a fighter to watch in the coming years. Fans can watch an exciting performance on July 20th as King continues his journey towards boxing greatness. Don’t miss the action live on all FightZone platforms and the TalkSPORT YouTube channel.

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Adrian King


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