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Yorkshire Derby Showdown Promises Explosive Action on FightZone

Get insights from "Billy Pickles Quotes" ahead of his clash with Keanen Wainwright in the Yorkshire Derby, streaming live and free on FightZone platforms. Don't miss the action!
Billy Pickles Quotes

Billy Pickles Quotes Ahead of Keanen Wainwright Clash

In anticipation of an electrifying bout, Billy Pickles has shared his thoughts ahead of his clash with Keanen Wainwright. The fight, scheduled for July 13th, 2024, will be streamed live and free on FightZone, providing fans with an unmissable spectacle of boxing prowess.

Pickles and Wainwright, hailing from Yorkshire, will meet in the ring for a super lightweight bout. With Pickles from Leeds and Wainwright from Sheffield, the bout promises to be a thrilling regional derby, adding extra spice to the encounter.

Respect for the Opponent

Pickles, who has shared the ring on the same shows as Wainwright, acknowledges the challenge ahead. “I think he’s a very good fighter, and I’ve got a lot of respect for him. I’m expecting a tough fight. He’s good, so I know it will be a hard fight, of course,” Pickles remarked. His respect for Wainwright’s abilities underscores the competitive nature of the upcoming match.

Weight Class and Strategy

While Wainwright typically competes at lightweight, this fight will see him stepping up to super lightweight. Pickles weighed in on this factor, saying, “He’s got quite a lot of power at lightweight, so coming up to super lightweight, I don’t think he’ll struggle on the power front. I think that my boxing ability will be key. I think I might have a few edges on him that will make me the winner on the night.”

Pickles believes that his superior boxing skills will be the deciding factor, coupled with the hard work he has put in during training. “We’ll both be putting the hard work in, but I just think, you know, when it comes to it, that my boxing ability will be the decider.”

Physical Advantage

Pickles noted his physical advantage: “I’m definitely bigger than him, but I’m not sure that will matter. I think that my boxing ability will be the bit that will do it, you know. He’s a tough cookie, and he comes forward. I know he will probably try to pressure me for many rounds.”

Atmosphere and Venue

Despite the bout being away from his hometown, Pickles remains unfazed. “No, not one bit. I’ll bring plenty of people down, and I’ve boxed in Sheffield plenty of times. He will have plenty of fans there, creating a cracking fight and a perfect atmosphere.”

Yorkshire Pride

With both fighters representing their Yorkshire roots, the significance of the match isn’t lost on Pickles. “Yeah, definitely, it’s great for us both to be in and for Leeds and Sheffield. Obviously, with it being a Commonwealth eliminator, it also makes it a big fight.”

Learning from Past Defeats

Reflecting on his sole defeat to Lucas Ballingall, Pickles sees it as a learning experience. “Yeah, we took it on short notice, and that was a mistake, but you learn from that mistake. I wouldn’t do that again, so I’m definitely a better fighter for that.”

FightZone Platform

As the headliner on FightZone, Pickles expressed his enthusiasm. “I think it’s a great platform to be on, and Dennis knows how to get you the opportunities. So, this is another massive opportunity, and, like I said, it’s a cracking fight for us both. FightZone is one of the best platforms, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Fans can catch the action live and free on FightZone on July 13th, 2024. The bout promises to deliver high-octane entertainment and showcase the talent and tenacity of both fighters. Don’t miss this exciting fight, streaming on various platforms:

Tune in to witness a thrilling night of boxing action as Billy Pickles and Keanen Wainwright go head-to-head in this highly anticipated clash.

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Billy Pickles Quotes


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