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I’m Not Going to Rush My Work Because Aaron is a Good Boxer.

Join Punch Out Boxing as we sit down with rising star Marley Mason just days before one of the year’s biggest boxing events. In this exclusive interview, Marley shares his excitement and preparation for his upcoming fight against Aaron. He discusses the challenges of weight cutting, the significance of this fight as a final eliminator for the Southern Area title, and his reflections on past bouts.

Marley talks about learning patience and the technical adjustments he’s made since his last fight, emphasizing the importance of not rushing against a skilled opponent like Aaron. He acknowledges Aaron’s capabilities, highlighting the tactical nature of their impending clash.

Throughout the interview, Marley opens up about his journey from a minimal amateur background to a promising professional career. He recounts notable fights, including bouts with Jeff Aye and Louie, and how those experiences have shaped him as a fighter.

Marley’s enthusiasm is palpable as he looks forward to the showdown, expressing respect for Aaron while maintaining his competitive spirit. He hints at potential future matchups with other prominent fighters, demonstrating his ambition and readiness to take on new challenges.

Don’t miss Marley’s prediction for the fight and his lighthearted exchange about celebrating with Jaffa Cakes post-victory. Tune in to catch all the insights and excitement as Marley Mason prepares for a pivotal moment in his boxing career.

We’re also excited to announce that Punch Out Boxing is now the official partner for FightZone! Be sure to check out our new channel on for more exclusive content, interviews, and live fight coverage.

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