Steve Martin, a pro since 2010, is gearing up for an exciting fight in Malta on December 2nd. Despite facing a career roller coaster due to injuries, Martin’s passion for boxing remains unwavering. In a recent interview, he shared his thoughts on his journey and what keeps him motivated.

“It’s been a roller coaster ride, to be fair. I suffered a lot of injuries which held me back in my career, so there is still a kid with dreams inside this old body,” Martin confessed. These setbacks haven’t deterred him from pursuing his dreams in the ring.

When asked about his motivation to keep fighting, Martin revealed, “There’s like a fire in me which is always lit. I train with guys who are 10/15/20 years younger than me, and I always want to push harder than them!” This determination is what fuels his relentless pursuit of victory.

Sometimes, Martin contemplates retiring due to his chronic injuries. However, as he explained, “While I’m doing the corners of my fighters, I get that feeling, and I’m like ‘oh sh*t’, here we go again! The next day, I called Demis, my manager, and said, ‘Get me a fight’!” His passion for the sport is undeniable.

steve martin

Martin’s daily training routine currently involves balancing two jobs with his boxing preparations. He starts his day with early morning cardio and CrossFit conditioning, followed by boxing training in the evening. He remains dedicated to his craft with only two rest days a week.

As for his opponent in Malta, Dewis Rogerio Santos de Oliveira Junior, Martin admitted, “To be honest, I haven’t even looked at him.” However, his decision to join the fight speaks volumes about his fearless attitude.

Martin humorously mentioned in terms of fight strategy, “I’ve seen he has two hands and two legs – that’s how far I’ve got!” Martin focuses on giving his all rather than analysing his opponent’s style.

While some fighters anticipate early finishes, Martin prepares himself for brutal fights, emphasising that a win is a win, whether by knockout or decision. For his career, a victory against Dewis would serve as a stepping stone to better opportunities and rankings in the future.

Regarding the crowd’s energy, Martin expects the Maltese audience to be enthusiastic, shouting and jumping as they witness an exciting night of fights. He encourages his fans not to blink and expresses respect for both fans and fellow boxers.

After a fight, Martin’s recovery process has evolved from partying all night to a more relaxed approach. He enjoys grabbing some food, watching clips of his fight, and reflecting on ways to improve. In Malta, post-fight, he plans to have an eating day, savouring the moment with his team.

Steve Martin’s dedication, resilience, and passion for boxing continue to drive him forward. As he steps into the ring in Malta, fans can expect an exhilarating performance from this seasoned fighter.