Levi Giles, a rising star in the world of professional boxing, recently achieved a monumental milestone in his career when he clinched the Commonwealth Silver title. The moment his hand was raised in victory will forever be etched in his memory as a testament to years of hard work, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication to the sport. In this article, we delve into the critical moments of his fight, his rigorous preparation, and the tremendous support that has propelled him to this remarkable achievement.

A Moment of Glory

The victory that brought Levi Giles the Commonwealth Silver title was not merely a culmination of physical prowess but also a testament to his unyielding determination. He and his team overcame countless obstacles, but their commitment to hard work never wavered. Giles shares, “Years of hard work and sacrifices paid off that night for me and Team Giles. We worked so hard for these moments, and my team kept telling me when times were hard, ‘Keep pushing… hard work will always come out on top!’ And it did!”

The Clinical Edge

While the fight was closely contested, Giles believes his more clinical approach ultimately secured the rounds in his favour. He acknowledges his opponent, Razaq, as one of the toughest fighters he has ever faced. “I had respect for him before the fight,” Giles says, “but after, I think the respect level went up even more! We both put on a fantastic fight for the fans. I think the more clean big shots came from myself, and the more clinical work made the difference in a brilliant fight.”

Levi GilesThe Road to Victory

Giles’ preparation for this pivotal bout was nothing short of exemplary. Recognising that boxing is a short-lived career, he embraced a rigorous training regimen, often hitting the gym early in the morning before his day job and training late into the evenings. He credits his nutritional plan, guided by Jack Coak, for playing a vital role in his success. Giles emphasises, “The camp went fantastic, and the nutrition was key!”

Electric Atmosphere

The fight occurred in front of an electrifying crowd, a testament to Giles’ immense following from family, friends, and supporters from his hometown and beyond. “Moments that stay with you a lifetime,” he reflects, as he sold nearly 500 tickets personally. From Grimsby Town players to people from his childhood neighbourhood, the support was unwavering.




Respect for Judges

Giles greatly respects the judges who officiated the fight, acknowledging their expertise inside and outside the ring. While the fight was closely contested, Giles and his team were confident in their performance in the last few rounds and the outcome.

Looking Ahead to 2024

The victory in the Commonwealth Silver sets the stage for an exciting 2024 for Giles. He aspires to face top opponents, seeking titles and challenging 50/50 fights. Giles does not shy away from away matches, emphasising his willingness to venture into unfamiliar territory for the thrill of competition.

Sportsmanship and Respect

In the true spirit of sportsmanship, Giles expresses his admiration for his opponent, Razaq and his team. He highlights the importance of maintaining respect and professionalism in the sport, both inside and outside the ring. Giles’ message after the fight and his cordial conversation with Razaq exemplify the values of a gentleman’s sport.

Continuous Improvement

Giles’ journey in boxing has been marked by continuous improvement. His experience from two challenging 10-round fights earlier in the year and the recent victory against Razaq has provided invaluable lessons. Giles looks forward to building on this experience as he heads into 2024.

A Heartfelt Thank You

In closing, Giles extends his heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported him throughout his journey. From loyal fans who attend his fights to his dedicated team, sponsors, and the online community, he appreciates the positive energy surrounding him. Giles acknowledges that their unwavering support has been instrumental in his success.

Levi Giles’ victory in the Commonwealth Silver title fight is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the values of hard work, dedication, and respect that define the sport of boxing. As he looks ahead to 2024, one can only imagine the heights he will reach as he continues to pursue his passion for big fights and championships.