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Jack Turner
5 0 0
5 KO 0 KO
Bouts 5
Rounds 5
KOs 100%
Career 2023 - Active
Debut 2023/05/13
Birth Name Jack Turner
Sex male
Alias 'El Terrier'
Age 22
Nationality  United Kingdom
Stance orthodox
Residence Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Birth Place Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Jack Turner, hailing from Liverpool, United Kingdom, emerged onto the boxing scene in 2020 with a promising start. Competing primarily in the featherweight division, Turner showcased his skill and determination through six notable bouts over the span of his two-year career. With a record of five wins and one loss, including two victories by knockout, Turner demonstrated his versatility and resilience in the ring.

Among his notable achievements are victories in prestigious competitions such as the England Boxing National Amateur Championships and the Senior Elite Merseyside & Cheshire Final. Turner’s style is characterized by a strategic approach combined with explosive power, evident in his ability to secure wins both by points and knockouts.

While currently inactive, Turner’s brief yet impactful career leaves a lasting impression on the boxing community. With a dedicated following and potential for further success, Jack Turner remains a name to watch for in the future of British boxing.

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