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Undercard Fights Announced for Live Streaming on from Olympia Liverpool

In anticipation of the electrifying main event, a series of thrilling undercard bouts are set to ignite the stage at Olympia Liverpool on February 24th, streaming live on With an array of rising talents and seasoned contenders, fight fans are in for a night packed with intense action and memorable moments.
Butler vs Harris

Here’s a preview of the undercard matchups:

Dayan Gonzalez vs. TBA – Featherweight Bout 

In this featherweight clash, the undefeated Dayan Gonzalez (13-0-0) is geared up to face an opponent yet to be announced, promising a showdown brimming with suspense and raw athleticism.

Ethan Brown vs Stefan Vincent – Super Lightweight Bout 

Ethan Brown (4-0-0) steps into the ring to square off against Stefan Vincent (2-11-0) in a super lightweight showdown. With Brown’s pristine record and Vincent’s experience, this bout will surely test skill and determination.

Jack Turner vs. Kassim Mfaume – Bantamweight Bout 

Jack Turner (4-0-0) will look to maintain his unblemished record as he takes on Kassim Mfaume (5-1-1) in a bantamweight collision. Expect fast-paced exchanges and technical brilliance in this thrilling matchup.

Paul Ryan vs. Octavian Gratii – Super Welterweight Bout 

Paul Ryan (6-0-0) squares off against Octavian Gratii (8-53-3) in a super welterweight showdown. Ryan aims to continue his winning streak, but Gratii’s experience poses a formidable challenge.

Hakeem Palmer vs. Vasif Mamedov – Middleweight Bout 

Hakeem Palmer (4-0-1) clashes with Vasif Mamedov (3-47-5) in a middleweight encounter. Both fighters will seek to assert dominance in the ring, making this bout a must-watch for fight enthusiasts.

Joe McGrail vs TBA – To Be Announced 

Joe McGrail (8-0-0) looks to showcase his skills against an opponent yet to be announced. With an impressive record, McGrail aims to make a statement in this undercard matchup.

Rio Pierre vs. Ricky Leach – Super Featherweight Bout 

Rio Pierre (1-1-0) squares off against Ricky Leach (3-70-1) in a super featherweight showdown. With both fighters hungry for victory, expect fireworks in the ring as they leave it all on the line.

Safiullah Sediqi vs. Sean Jackson – Super Featherweight Bout 

Safiullah Sediqi (1-0-1) takes on Sean Jackson (0-21-1) in a super featherweight clash. With both fighters aiming to make their mark, this bout promises excitement from start to finish.

Kurtis Wiggins vs Nabil Ahmed – Bantamweight Bout

Making his debut, Kurtis Wiggins enters the ring against Nabil Ahmed (2-26-2) in a bantamweight bout. With everything on the line, Wiggins seeks to kickstart his career with a memorable victory.

With an action-packed lineup of undercard fights, Fightzone. UK’s live stream from Olympia Liverpool on February 24th is set to captivate audiences worldwide. Tune in for an unforgettable night of boxing brilliance and adrenaline-fuelled excitement.

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