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How to Watch Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Fight.

Get ready for the ultimate showdown: Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Fight! Catch the action-packed battle between two heavyweight titans.
Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Fight.

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Fight.

In what promises to be one of the most electrifying events in combat sports history, Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou are gearing up to face off in a heavyweight showdown on March 8th. The clash between these two titans will be broadcast live on Sky Sports and DAZN, offering fans across the globe a front-row seat to witness the action-packed spectacle.

Anthony Joshua, the British boxing sensation, will step into the ring against Francis Ngannou, the fearsome UFC heavyweight champion, in a highly anticipated crossover fight that has garnered immense attention from fans and pundits alike. With both fighters known for their explosive power and incredible athleticism, the bout has all the makings of a classic showdown.

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Joshua, a former Olympic gold medallist and two-time unified heavyweight champion, will be looking to make a statement as he aims to reclaim his status as the undisputed king of the heavyweight division. Standing in his way is Ngannou, whose meteoric rise in the UFC has earned him a reputation as one of the most devastating strikers in mixed martial arts history.

The fight, which will take place at a neutral venue, is expected to draw a massive audience, with boxing and MMA enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the outcome. With Joshua’s precision and technique pitted against Ngannou’s raw power and aggression, pundits have been divided over who will emerge victorious in this clash of styles.

Expert Predictions for Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Fight

The boxing community is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming showdown between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou on March 8th. Here’s a roundup of predictions from various boxing experts: 

Roy Jones Jr – Boxing legend

Roy Jones Jr, a legendary boxer renowned for his exceptional skill, speed, and boxing IQ, brings a wealth of experience and insight into his analysis of fights.

Prediction: Jones Jr predicts a Joshua win by stoppage, stressing the importance of Joshua navigating the early rounds without issue.

Johnny Nelson – Former World Champion.

Johnny, a former professional boxer, is celebrated for his record-breaking reign as WBO cruiserweight champion. Beyond his sporting achievements, he’s respected for his insightful commentary and contributions to boxing media.

Prediction: “Anthony Joshua’s chances against Francis Ngannou are high, though heavyweight boxing’s unpredictability means one punch could change everything,” Johnny Nelson states. He suggests Joshua should use his boxing skills and powerful punches to dominate, while noting Ngannou’s MMA style, emphasizing close combat, could challenge Joshua. Nelson believes Ngannou’s limited boxing experience may affect the fight’s outcome, and emphasizes that endurance will be crucial, especially past the 7th or 8th round. His prediction is Joshua winning by points.

Safiullah Sediqi – Super Featherweight, Liverpool.

Sediqi, a promising super featherweight boxer from Liverpool, is known for his analytical approach to boxing. His insight into the fight reflects a deep understanding of both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses.

Prediction: Sediqi sees a tough fight for Joshua but believes in his victory, emphasizing the importance of Joshua maintaining his boxing strategy to secure a win around the sixth or seventh round.

Joe McGrail – Featherweight, Liverpool

McGrail, a skilled featherweight boxer from Liverpool, brings a unique perspective from his experience in the ring. He combines technical knowledge with an understanding of the mental aspects of boxing.

Prediction: McGrail predicts a challenging and intriguing fight, leaning towards Joshua but acknowledging Ngannou’s knockout power. He foresees a Joshua KO in the mid to late rounds.

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Keanen Wainwright – Lightweight Boxer, Sheffield

Wainwright, a talented lightweight boxer from Sheffield, is known for his sharp boxing skills and strategic thinking. His views are influenced by his experience and knowledge of the sport.

Prediction: Expressing uncertainty, Wainwright hopes for a Joshua victory, mainly to set up a future bout with Tyson Fury, but remains cautious about the unpredictable nature of exhibition fights.

Rio Pierre – Super Featherweight

Pierre, a super featherweight fighter, is known for his dynamic fighting style and keen understanding of the tactical aspects of boxing.

Prediction: Pierre anticipates a captivating fight, predicting that Joshua will pressure Ngannou and potentially achieve a stoppage in the sixth round, while also recognising Ngannou’s power and skill.

Kurt Wiggins – Super Feather Boxer, Liverpool

Wiggins, a super feather boxer from Liverpool, brings a fresh perspective to boxing analysis, combining his ring experience with a keen understanding of the sport’s nuances. 

Prediction: He predicts a Joshua victory, possibly by KO after six rounds, citing both common sense and the unpredictability inherent in heavyweight boxing.

Each expert, drawing from their experiences and insights in the sport, contributes a unique perspective to the prediction of this highly anticipated fight between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou.

Adding to the excitement is the availability of the fight on multiple platforms, ensuring that fans can tune in from anywhere in the world. In addition to the live broadcast on Sky Sports and DAZN, boxing fans that are looking for on-demand boxing action can visit FightZone, a premier FREE on-demand and live streaming platform dedicated to boxings. FightZone subscribers will have access to exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage, providing a comprehensive viewing experience for fight fans, all for Free.

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Speaking ahead of the bout, Joshua expressed his readiness to take on the challenge, stating, “I thrive on facing the best, and Francis is undoubtedly one of the best in his sport. But I’m confident in my abilities, and come March 8th, I’ll be ready to put on a show for the fans and prove why I’m still the top dog in the heavyweight division.”

Ngannou, equally determined to showcase his dominance, issued a stern warning to his opponent, declaring, “Anthony is a great champion, but this is my world now. I’m coming for that victory, and nothing is going to stand in my way.”

As the countdown to March 8th begins, anticipation continues to build for what promises to be an epic clash between two of the biggest names in combat sports. With pride, glory, and championship aspirations on the line, all eyes will be on Joshua and Ngannou as they step into the ring to settle the score once and for all.

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Fight.


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