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Excitement Mounts as Paul Ryan Anticipates Debut Fight in Liverpool

Liverpool, UK - In an exclusive interview ahead of his upcoming bout in Liverpool, undefeated professional boxer Paul Ryan expressed his anticipation and eagerness to step into the ring in the vibrant city for the first time. Renowned for its passionate fight fans, Liverpool holds a special place in the hearts of many fighters, and Ryan is no exception.
Paul Ryan

“I’m buzzing to fight for the first time in Liverpool,” Ryan enthused. “They’re passionate fight fans and appreciate what we’re doing in the ring. The scouse people are similar to us Irish, so I’m hoping they’ll get behind me on the night and give me some support.”

With an unblemished record of 6-0 as a professional, Ryan reflected on his progress thus far, acknowledging the challenges of navigating through periods of inactivity. However, he expressed optimism about the future, citing the support of his team at Fightzone as a driving force behind his determination to make up for lost time.

“I’ve been moving well as a pro,” Ryan remarked. “I’ve been unfortunate over the last year or so being plagued with inactivity, but I think having the team at Fightzone behind me will help me make up for lost time.”

When asked about his fighting style and what spectators can expect from him in the ring, Ryan painted a picture of a fast-handed southpaw with formidable power, always on the hunt for a knockout victory.

“For those who haven’t seen me box yet, you can expect to see a fast-handed southpaw with big power coming forward and looking for the knockout!” he declared.

Turning his attention to his upcoming opponent, Ryan admitted to not delving too deeply into scouting reports, preferring to focus on his preparation and letting his opponents worry about him. Nevertheless, he acknowledged his opponent’s toughness and experience, asserting his confidence in overcoming any challenge.

“I’ve not looked too much into my opponent,” Ryan confessed. “I focus on myself and let them worry about me. But I know he’s a tough, durable guy; he’s been around with plenty of guys, so he’s well experienced … but I don’t think he’s been in with anyone like me.”

With three knockout victories under his belt, Ryan made his intentions clear, expressing his unwavering desire to deliver another emphatic finish on February 24th, driven by a commitment to entertain the paying fans who support him.

“Yes! I’m looking for a knockout win every fight I have,” Ryan affirmed. “Fans are paying hard-earned money to see me box, so I want to treat them with a nice knockout every time.”

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, Ryan outlined his primary goal of staying active, aiming to capitalise on opportunities to showcase his skills in the ring and compensate for lost time.

“My main goal for 2024 is just to get active,” he stated. “I have been out of the ring for a while now, so I’m hoping to make up for it and hopefully get 4/5 fights this year.”

Finally, when prompted about his prediction for the main event between Connor Butler and Jay Harris, Ryan expressed his belief in Butler’s youth and vitality, tipping him for victory over the seasoned Harris.

“I find it hard to see past Conor Butler for the main event,” Ryan predicted. “I think he’s too young and fresh now. Jay Harris is a great fighter but has been in some tough fights, and I think it’s the right time for Conor to get the win.”

As Ryan gears up for his much-anticipated debut in Liverpool, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness the next chapter in his promising career, with expectations running high for yet another memorable performance in the ring.


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