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Experienced Harris Triumphs Over Valiant Butler in Liverpool Showdown

Harris outpoints Butler in a thrilling Liverpool showdown, asserting his dominance in the flyweight division. Experience prevails.
Harris Outpoints Butler

Harris Outpoints Butler

Jay Harris surged back into world title contention, showcasing his veteran savvy against the courageous and skilled Connor Butler in a thrilling battle at the Liverpool Olympia. Harris claimed the Commonwealth and European flyweight titles and retained his British title, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Harris (20-3, 11 KOs) posed a formidable challenge for Butler, who, under the tutelage of his coach, Derry Mathews, had shown promise in his undefeated record. Butler (11-0-1, 1KO) demonstrated his mettle despite the loss, proving himself worthy of sharing the ring with a fighter of Harris’s calibre.

Trained by Gary Lockett, Harris, a former world title contender in 2020, had undergone a period of rebuilding after consecutive defeats in 2021. At 33 years old, he acknowledged that this was his final opportunity in the sport. He admitted that had he been defeated, he would have hung up his gloves for good.

Harris reflected on the fight, saying, “I didn’t anticipate Connor’s aggressive approach. I expected him to maintain distance and box from the outside, but his engaging decision played into my strengths. Securing my titles feels gratifying, and I believe I can make one last push in the sport. With my 34th birthday approaching, I look forward to settling down with my family and embracing a more ordinary life.”

From the opening round, Butler and Harris wasted no time engaging, eschewing a prolonged feeling-out process. The exchanges were fierce, with punches flying from both sides.

Butler utilized his footwork and evasive tactics early on, but Harris asserted his dominance in the second round, pressuring Butler and targeting his body to impede his movement. Establishing his jab and right hand, Harris consistently landed heavy blows, mainly when pinning Butler against the ropes.

Although Butler found moments of success, landing crisp combinations, Harris weathered the storm and retaliated with punishing assaults. Harris’s strategic adjustments paid dividends as the fight progressed, allowing him to dictate the pace and control the ring.

In the later rounds, Harris’s relentless pressure took its toll on Butler, who struggled to keep pace. Despite Butler’s resilient efforts, Harris maintained his momentum, landing significant blows and showcasing his experience.

In a frantic display of determination, both fighters traded blows in the championship rounds, thrilling the crowd with their resilience and tenacity. Ultimately, Harris’s superior ring generalship and impactful punches earned him a unanimous decision victory, with the judges scoring the bout in his favour (116-112, 116-112, 116-113).

While both fighters earned accolades for their performance, Harris emerged victorious, solidifying his status as a formidable contender in the flyweight division.

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Bout Division Boxer vs. Boxer Rds Stream Result
6 Flyweight Connor Butler VS. Jay Harris 12 DAZN LPTS
European, Commonwealth & British Flyweight Title
5 Bantamweight Jack Turner VS. Selemani Bengaiza 6 DAZN WKO-1
4 Featherweight Joe McGrail VS. Jules Philips 6 DAZN WKO-1
3 Middleweight Hakeem Palmer VS. Artjom Spatar 6 DAZN WPTS
2 Bantamweight Kurt Wiggins VS. Nabil Ahmed 4 DAZN WPTS
1 Featherweight Saffi Sediqi VS. Darryl Tapfuma 4 FightZone WPTS
FLOAT Super Lightweight Ethan Brown VS. Kasey Bradnum 4 FightZone WKO-2


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