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FightZone Unleashes a Knockout Summer Schedule: London to Malta and Beyond!

This summer, FightZone is turning up the heat with a scorching lineup of boxing events, starting May 25th at London's York Hall and extending to Malta and other top UK venues. Fans worldwide can catch all the action streamed live on FightZone's platforms, including the new iOS app, making this season a must-watch for boxing enthusiasts everywhere.
Knockout Summer Schedule

Knockout Summer Schedule

LONDON, May 25th, 2024—FightZone is setting the stage for an explosive summer with a massive boxing lineup kicking off on May 25th at the iconic York Hall in London, followed by a sensational show in Malta on June 6th. Boxing enthusiasts can look forward to catching all the action streamed exclusively on FightZone’s platforms, including their newly launched iOS app, five days after the event.

Malta, June 6th, 2024 – The Malta show, dubbed “Next Generation in Maltese,” promises a thrilling mix of professional and amateur bouts. The spotlight will shine on the rising stars of Maltese boxing, showcasing the next generation of local talent alongside three electrifying UK fighters making waves in the boxing world.

Meet the Fighters from the UK on the next generation in Maltese:

  1. Steven Ferguson—Dominating the light heavyweight division, Steven has quickly made a name for himself with an impeccable record of 2-0-0, including 2 KOs. His punching power is illustrated by a 100% knockout rate. Having made his debut just a month ago, Ferguson is already showing signs of a promising career. Currently residing in Hal Lija, Malta, this 28-year-old fighter originally hails from Liverpool, Merseyside, UK.
  2. Hakeem Palmer – A middleweight contender with a solid foundation, Hakeem has a record of 5-0-1 and has shown his prowess in the ring with 2 KOs. With 27 rounds under his belt, since his career started in 2022, the 23-year-old orthodox fighter from Liverpool brings a mix of skill and tenacity to the ring.
  3. Ethan Brown – Competing in the super lightweight division, Ethan has maintained a flawless record of 5-0-0. Known for his strategic southpaw stance, he has achieved 1 KO from his bouts, demonstrating his versatility and tactical approach. Ethan is a young talent at age 23, based in Liverpool like his counterparts.

Upcoming Knockout Summer Schedule

  • May 25th, York Hall, London: The summer schedule kicks off in the heart of London, setting the stage for a series of thrilling bouts.
  • June 6th, Malta: Titled “Next Generation in Maltese,” this event will feature professional and amateur cards, spotlighting local Maltese talent and three dynamic boxers from the UK.
  • July 6th, O2 Arena, London: A high-profile venue for what promises to be a night of high-stakes boxing, drawing fans from across the globe.
  • July 13th, Sheffield: The action moves to Sheffield, known for its vibrant boxing community and passionate fans.
  • July 20th, Beverley: Rounding out the summer schedule, Beverley will host an evening of boxing that promises to keep the momentum going strong.

FightZone continues to deliver top-tier boxing to fans worldwide, expanding its reach with each event. Stay tuned for more details on each of these events, and be sure to catch all the action on FightZone, which is available on all platforms, including the new iOS app. This summer will be a season of unforgettable matches that will keep boxing fans on the edge of their seats!

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