Q: Your opponent on December 2nd in Malta is Keanen Wainwright.  You were ringside for his last fight – what do you make of him?

A: I think he looks skilful.  I liked his footwork and his angles.

Q: How tough a challenge is this fight for you?

A: It’s challenging as we are both coming to put it all on the line.  We are both coming to win, and step up our levels and move up the ranks.

Q: Is Keanen your hardest fight to date?

A: He’s a different variation of hardest.  Perhaps he’s the most skilful I’ve faced.  But I’ve been in with stronger and more powerful opponents before.

Q: How confident are you of beating him?

A: With all the training and preparation, I have been going through here … I am very confident in winning.

Q: And why?

A: From what I have seen of him, I respect his skills but I have my own skills, and more arsenal to win this.

Q: You had a few words with each other at the previous show – how much needle is there between you ahead of your fight?

A: Words don’t mean much when it comes in the ring, I’ll just let my boxing do the talking.