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FightZone Returns to Cayman

FightZone Returns to Cayman

Boxing in the Cayman Islands has a bright future thanks to Fightzone; that’s the message from proud Caymanian Barry Bodin after last year’s visit to the island by the groundbreaking boxing broadcaster.

On December 8th, 2023 – Grand Cayman hosted its first ever boxing event with a major title on the line when Birmingham’s Matt Windle and Doncaster’s Craig Derbyshire contested the Commonwealth Light Flyweight Title.

The show, which had a huge international audience, was a tremendous success, with Windle and Derbyshire treating the crowd to a memorable battle; an undercard that featured boxers from around the globe, and – to top it all off – boxing royalty was also in attendance with Roy Jones Jr a star guest.

With future shows already being planned by Fightzone partners Dennis Hobson and Steve Crump; Bodin – a prominent Caymanian businessman who helped organise the event – says the impact on the Cayman Islands from the event has been immeasurable.

“The show on 8th December was a tremendous success,” explained Barry.  “Prior to this there hadn’t been a meaningful boxing event in the Cayman Islands for over a decade. 

“The Cayman Islands may be small, but we have a large boxing fanbase as well as some promising young amateur boxers.  The December show has revitalized the sport on the island and created a buzz and a hunger for more boxing events in the future.

“I’ve known Dennis for a number of years and met Steve more recently.  It was very easy and enjoyable to work with them both on the event, especially when our values and goals are very much in alignment.

“On the heels of that very successful event in December, we just had a recent amateur boxing event on 23rd March which, although smaller and at a different level, was sold out and thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. 

“There are plans for other small amateur events throughout the year and we are working with Dennis on planning another major boxing show in November of this year.  We’re optimistic that the island can support an annual major show, possibly even two per year, along with regular amateur events scattered in between. 

“We’re also hopeful that some of the islands’ more accomplished amateurs will find opportunities to train and participate in events in the UK and that we may be able to host more future title fights in the Cayman Islands as well.”

Fight Academy and Fightzone’s Dennis Hobson, stated: “I’ve staged boxing shows at the highest level across the world but I don’t think I’ve ever been involved with an event in such a beautiful location. 

“I’ve been to the Caymans on many occasions and it’s a paradise.  I’ve also known Barry for a long time and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him on the event. 

With both Barry and Mike Laureson onboard helping to take Fightzone to the next level, I’m really looking forward to staging more big boxing events there in the future.”

Fightzone partner, Steve Crump, added: “What an honour it was to be involved in this promotion.  Part of the reason for staging the show was to shine a light on these beautiful Islands and help promote them as a tourist destination, as well as highlight some of the talented fighters from the region. 

“So, I’m pleased that the show delivered and that we were able to play a part in giving the Cayman Islands a boost.  We have some exciting plans for the future of the sport over there, and I can’t wait to return again soon.”

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FightZone Returns to Cayman


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