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Steel City Showdown Results: A Night of Unforgettable Boxing at Sheffield’s FightZone Arena

Get ready for a recap of the electrifying Steel City Showdown that rocked Sheffield's FightZone Arena! From lightweight upsets to heavyweight knockouts, we're diving into each match's intense moments and surprising outcomes. Whether it's Wainwright's shocking loss or Wilkins' triumphant win, this article covers it all. Don't miss a detail of the action-packed night that left boxing fans on the edge of their seats!
Steel City Showdown Results

Steel City Showdown Results

Sheffield, UK – The FightZone Arena in Sheffield was abuzz with excitement on April 6, 2024, as the much-anticipated Steel City Showdown unfolded. The event featured a lineup of spectacular bouts across various weight categories, showcasing both rising stars and seasoned veterans. Fans can relive the entire show at Steel City Showdown Results.

Wainwright’s Upset in the Lightweight Division

In a stunning turn of events, the lightweight bout saw Keanen Wainwright lose to Louis Horn in a ten-round points decision. Wainwright, known for his agility and punch accuracy, faced an unexpectedly stiff challenge from Horn. Over ten rounds, Horn displayed superior strategy and endurance, ultimately earning a well-deserved victory and shaking up the lightweight division standings.

Crowder Dominates Arrowsmith in Welterweight Clash

Thomas Crowder’s welterweight victory over Dale Arrowsmith was a masterclass in precision boxing. Over four rounds, Crowder outmaneuvered and out-punched his opponent, securing a points win. His performance underscored his reputation as a fighter with both skill and strategic depth, adding another impressive win to his record.

Pickles Outclasses Narvaez in Super Lightweight Showdown

The super lightweight fight was a display of Billy Pickles’ growing dominance in the division as he secured a points victory over Christian Narvaez in six rounds. Pickles’ combination of speed, power, and tactical acumen was too much for Narvaez, who put up a valiant effort but couldn’t match the intensity of his opponent.

Dickinson Earns Hard-Fought Victory Against Grannum

Mason Dickinson’s win against Jordan Grannum in the super welterweight category was a testament to his resilience and fighting spirit. Over four rounds, Dickinson’s aggressive approach and solid defence gave him the upper hand, leading to a points decision win in a closely contested bout.

Needham and Prostko Battle to a Draw in Cruiserweight Thriller

In one of the night’s most gripping matches, Brendan Needham and Marcin Prostko fought to a draw in a four-round cruiserweight contest. Both fighters showcased their best, with Needham’s power and Prostko’s technique on full display. The draw was a fitting end to a bout that had the audience on its feet.

David Allen’s Heavyweight Mastery Over Darnell

The heavyweight bout between David Allen and Jake Darnell was a highlight of the evening. Over four rounds, Allen’s prowess and skill shone through, earning him a points victory. His performance solidified his position as a new sensation in the heavyweight division, drawing praise from fans and analysts alike.

King’s Stunning Knockout of Pesce in Heavyweight Showdown

Adrian King’s match against Andrea Pesce was a display of sheer power. King’s knockout victory just two rounds into the fight sent shockwaves through the heavyweight ranks. His decisive win is likely to be remembered as one of the quickest and most effective knockouts of the year.

Wilkins Triumphs Over Mairena in Super Featherweight Duel

The super featherweight fight between James Wilkins and Brayan Mairena was a battle of wills and skill, lasting a gruelling ten rounds. Wilkins emerged victorious by points, showcasing his endurance and technical prowess. This win is a significant milestone in Wilkins’ career, marking him as a force to be reckoned with in the super featherweight division.


The Steel City Showdown at FightZone Arena was a night to remember for boxing fans worldwide. Each bout brought its unique flavour, contributing to a spectacular showcase of talent and determination. The event’s impact on the boxing landscape is expected to be significant, with several fighters elevating their status and others facing the drawing board to rethink their strategies.

Fans who missed the live action or wish to relive the thrilling encounters can watch the full replay available at The event not only entertained but also highlighted the depth and competitiveness of the sport, making it a notable chapter in the history of boxing in Sheffield.

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Steel City Showdown Results
Division Boxer vs. Boxer Rds Result
Lightweight Keanen Wainwright VS. Louis Horn 10 LPTS
Main Event
Welterweight Thomas Crowder VS. Dale Arrowsmith 4 WPTS
Super Lightweight Billy Pickles VS. Christian Narvaez 6 WPTS
Super Welterweight Mason Dickinson VS. Jordan Grannum 4 WPTS
Cruiserweight Brendan Needham VS. Marcin Prostko 4 DRAW
Heavyweight David Allen VS. Jake Darnell 4 WPTS
Heavyweight Adrian King VS. Andrea Pesce 4 KO
Super Featherweight James Wilkins VS. Brayan Mairena 10 WPTS


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