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Keanen ‘The Wolf’ Wainwright: Ready to Howl Again

Sheffield's own boxing sensation, Keanen 'The Wolf' Wainwright, is gearing up for a fierce showdown on April 6th as he defends his Commonwealth Silver Lightweight Title against Louis Horn. Ahead of the highly anticipated match, Wainwright took some time to share his thoughts on his last fight, his upcoming opponent, and his aspirations for 2024 in an exclusive Q&A session.
Keanen Wainwright April 6th

Keanen Wainwright

Wainwright’s last bout took place in Malta against Haithem Laamouz, where he displayed his boxing prowess with a dominant performance. Reflecting on the experience, Wainwright remarked, “The fight was good, and I thought it was really one-sided for me. I never felt like he could get back in the fight or knock me out.” Despite his confidence, Wainwright emphasized his satisfaction with winning on points and expressed his eagerness to fight in front of his hometown crowd in Sheffield once again.

Looking ahead to his clash with Louis Horn, Wainwright acknowledged the challenge posed by the young, ambitious, and undefeated opponent. Admitting his lack of familiarity with Horn, Wainwright anticipated a tough fight, asserting, “As he’s the challenger, I’m sure he will be leaving it all in the ring. I’m looking forward to a really good fight.”

When asked about his aims and ambitions for 2024, Wainwright remained focused on the task at hand but expressed his openness to whatever opportunities may arise. “I have no idea what the plan will be after this. I will have to sit down with my team and we’ll chat through the options,” he stated.

As the defending Commonwealth Silver Lightweight champion, Wainwright expressed his desire to vie for the full title, along with any other championship opportunities that may come his way. “I would love to fight for the full title … I would love to fight for any title!” he exclaimed.

Asserting his readiness for bigger challenges, Wainwright confidently stated, “I think I’m ready to fight for the British title right now.” His fearless attitude extended to potential opponents, as he declared, “I’ll fight anyone!”

Wainwright’s promoter, Dennis Hobson, has voiced his belief that Wainwright has completed his apprenticeship and is now ready for meaningful fights. Commenting on Hobson’s assessment, Wainwright expressed his satisfaction, saying, “That’s what I want from boxing – to be in entertaining fights and hopefully win them. I want to leave my mark on the sport.”

With his eyes firmly set on victory, Keanen ‘The Wolf’ Wainwright is poised to deliver another electrifying performance on April 6th, as he defends his title and continues his quest for boxing glory. Stay tuned for what promises to be an action-packed showdown in Sheffield’s boxing arena.

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Keanen Wainwright April 6th
Division Boxer vs. Boxer Rds Result
Lightweight Keanen Wainwright VS. Louis Horn 10 LPTS
Main Event
Welterweight Thomas Crowder VS. Dale Arrowsmith 4 WPTS
Super Lightweight Billy Pickles VS. Christian Narvaez 6 WPTS
Super Welterweight Mason Dickinson VS. Jordan Grannum 4 WPTS
Cruiserweight Brendan Needham VS. Marcin Prostko 4 DRAW
Heavyweight David Allen VS. Jake Darnell 4 WPTS
Heavyweight Adrian King VS. Andrea Pesce 4 KO
Super Featherweight James Wilkins VS. Brayan Mairena 10 WPTS


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