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Dickinson aiming High

Mason Dickinson gets the chance to fight for the fourth time as a pro on April 6th when he appears in his home city of Sheffield.  
Mason Dickinson

Mason Dickinson

The 23-year-old is part of a packed undercard that will see headliner Keanen Wainwright make the first defence of his Commonwealth Silver Lightweight Title against Essex’s Louis Horn.

A decent amateur, Mason first started boxing aged 11 and had notable successincluding two Box Cup finals, a regional semifinal, and fighting nationwide whilst never turning down a fight. 

Ahead of his appearance at British boxing’s newest fight venue – The Fightzone Arena – Mason chats to Fightzone about his career so far, and his future ambitions:

You’re currently undefeated at 3-0, how pleased are you with how your pro career is progressing?

I’m very happy with how my pro career is going.  We did have some setbacks just before Christmas falling throughhowever I see this as a blessing as, even from then, I’ve seen how little things like my head movement has developed even further. 

Your last fight was in Malta, what was that experience like?  And how pleased are you to be back fighting in front of your own crowd in Sheffield on April 6th?

I felt very lucky to be given the opportunity to travel over to Malta to compete and I would be more than happy if I ever get the opportunity to do the same again.  

However, nothing will ever beat a home crowd as it’s something I thrive under, and after giving them such a long wait since my last fight in Sheffield, I plan on giving all my fans a show.

You’ll be fighting at a new venue on April 6th – how much are you looking forward to appearing there?  

I’m really interested in seeing how the venue will look in person.  It’s a place I’ve been to quite a few times when I was back in school for rollerblading!  So it’ll be fun to see how much it has been developed and how Fightzone and Fight Academy have put their own little twist on the venue.

How much do you know about your opponent on the 6th? 

I don’t know too much about my opponent nor is it something I put too much thought into. I’m going into April 6th expecting my toughest challenge yet and I’m aware I will have to be at my best, but the way I see it, it will only ever be me versus myself.

For people that have never seen you box – what can we expect? 

People say I have the typical ‘Sheffield style’!  I’m well suited to just keeping tidy and boxing, but once I smell blood, I’ll let that aggressive nasty side show.

I like to think I’ve got an unpredictable style, but when it comes to my full ability, people have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

How pleased are you to be appearing on Fightzone?

I’m a big fan of the Fightzone platform.  I’ve had it since day one and I’m constantly watching the streams made availableit’s just what small hall boxing needed.

What are your aims/ambitions for 2024? 

As far as the full plans for 2024 go, I’ll leave that up to my team, but what I can say is I’m wanting to keep as busy and active as possible.  I’ll keep improving, working my way up the rankings and hopefully working towards area titles in the coming years. 

You’re at the very start of your pro career but how far do you think you can go in the sport?

Honestly, I think the sky is the limit for me.  I might not be an ‘Anthony Joshua’ or ‘Ben Whittaker’ but I believe that, without being rushed and allowing myself to be moulded into the perfect fighter over the next few years, I will slowly claim all the titles, starting from area titles and Lonsdale belts, to eventually European and world level championships.

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Mason Dickinson
Division Boxer vs. Boxer Rds Result
Lightweight Keanen Wainwright VS. Louis Horn 10 LPTS
Main Event
Welterweight Thomas Crowder VS. Dale Arrowsmith 4 WPTS
Super Lightweight Billy Pickles VS. Christian Narvaez 6 WPTS
Super Welterweight Mason Dickinson VS. Jordan Grannum 4 WPTS
Cruiserweight Brendan Needham VS. Marcin Prostko 4 DRAW
Heavyweight David Allen VS. Jake Darnell 4 WPTS
Heavyweight Adrian King VS. Andrea Pesce 4 KO
Super Featherweight James Wilkins VS. Brayan Mairena 10 WPTS


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