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Olympia Running order and Results

In anticipation of the thrilling Let's Fly boxing event scheduled for February 24th, boxing enthusiasts are eager to know the running order of the bouts, where they can catch the action live, and the unfolding results as fighters step into the ring.
Lets Fly Running Order
Bout Division Boxer vs. Boxer Rds Stream Result
6 Flyweight Connor Butler VS. Jay Harris 12 DAZN LPTS
European, Commonwealth & British Flyweight Title
5 Bantamweight Jack Turner VS. Selemani Bengaiza 6 DAZN WKO-1
4 Featherweight Joe McGrail VS. Jules Philips 6 DAZN WKO-1
3 Middleweight Hakeem Palmer VS. Artjom Spatar 6 DAZN WPTS
2 Bantamweight Kurt Wiggins VS. Nabil Ahmed 4 DAZN WPTS
1 Featherweight Saffi Sediqi VS. Darryl Tapfuma 4 FightZone WPTS
FLOAT Super Lightweight Ethan Brown VS. Kasey Bradnum 4 FightZone WKO-2

Live Results:

Stay tuned to this article as we provide live updates and results from each bout as they happen:

As the night unfolds, the Let’s Fly boxing event promises to deliver adrenaline-pumping action, unforgettable moments, and crowning achievements. Stay tuned for more updates and reactions from this epic night of boxing.


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