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In the realm of British flyweights, Connor Butler stands tall, brimming with confidence and ambition. As he gears up for a monumental clash with Jay Harris, Butler exudes nothing but determination and a burning desire for victory.
Buttler eyes glory

“I know [Galal] Yafai won an Olympic gold medal and had an incredible amateur career, but me and Jay have done it all,” Butler asserts, his voice resonating with conviction. “We’re the two best flyweights going at it for all the marbles, all the glory.”

Age, according to Butler, is a trivial matter. “Jay being 33 doesn’t mean anything – age is just a number,” he states emphatically. Drawing inspiration from boxing history, he references Roberto Duran’s triumphs in his 30s. “Jay’s a seasoned pro who’s been around for years, he knows the game and he’s a machine … but I am myself!”

Reflecting on Harris’s recent victory over Tommy Frank, Butler remains unfazed. “We wanted the Tommy Frank fight ourselves,” he admits candidly. “But Jay ended up pipping us to it.” Predicting the outcome, Butler notes, “I thought Jay would do him late.” With the spotlight now on their impending showdown, Butler anticipates an electrifying spectacle. “One hundred per cent this’ll be a great fight to watch,” he assures. “It’s the two best flyweights going at it.”

When posed with the question of a potential world title shot, Butler’s resolve intensifies. “One hundred per cent,” he affirms. “Beating Jay Harris is a step towards a world title.” With unwavering belief in his abilities and a steadfast determination to succeed, Butler stands on the precipice of greatness, poised to etch his name in the annals of boxing history.


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