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Promoter Dennis Hobson again gives his opinions on boxing’s big issues in his Star column today.

They include the Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk fight and the behaviour of the Brit's father.

He has a look to at the Sheffield boxing scene, too, in our Q&A session.

I don’t like it. I don’t mind a bit of banter, but to stick the nut on someone is going over the line.

Really, John could be an asset to the sport because he’s a character, but he does cross the line sometimes.

It’s distasteful and no good for the sport of boxing.

It doesn’t do anything for the image of the sport or trying to get people to crossover into it. Boxing is supposed to be the ultimate gentleman’s sport.

It’s a combat sport where it should be the best man wins and then shake hands after.

Was the Usyk vs Fury decision correct?

I had one or two pals who work in the sport who thought Tyson might’ve nicked it, but I can’t see that.

I watched it again and there’s no way Tyson won.

Tyson missed his opportunities, and Usyk forced the pace of the fight the whole way through.

For me, Usyk won by two or three rounds.

Peter Fury (Tyson’s uncle) is a dear friend of mine and I believe if he’d been in Tyson’s corner, like he used to be, he’d have got Tyson over the line with Usyk.

If Peter had been there, there wouldn’t have been all the different voices in Tyson’s ear, he wouldn’t have showboated as much, and when he hurt him – if Peter had been running the corner – he might have taken Usyk out.

Keanen Wainwright lands Pic by Amy Gillatt via Dennis Hobson Fightzone

When Tyson got caught with that big shot, it took a lot out of him but before that, he missed his opportunity and started coasting because he was running out of gas.

I don’t know what training camp he’s had; he looked the part, but bodybuilders can look the part.

Usyk sets an amazing pace but when Peter trained Tyson, he had him more organised and disciplined, and he’d have got him saving his energy for when he needed it because they wasted a lot of energy on nonsense.

Who wins in a rematch?

For the rematch, get Peter Fury back in the camp if Tyson wants to regain his world titles!

That will win him back the titles, and he should then fight Anthony Joshua before calling it a day.

Keanen Wainwright (Sheffield) takes on Billy Pickles (Leeds) in a Yorkshire derby fight on July 13 – both are your fighters – are these the types of fights you want to make more of in the future?

I think we have to. We don’t want to throw kids in too early, but both are relatively experienced and they need to test themselves.

If one of them gets beat, then we’ve got a platform in Fightzone where we can bring them back and go again – one step back and two forwards.

They’ll both be better fighters for having it, both will learn from it.

The winner will move on to titles, and the loser will be brought back. So, it’s a win-win for both of them, and especially for Fightzone viewers who’ll be able to watch a great 50-50 fight for free!

Talk continues about a future fight between Sheffield’s Dalton Smith and Slough’s Adam Azim – who do you think wins?

I’m a bit biased because I love Dalton, have known him from being a kid and made no secret that I’d love to have managed and promoted him.

He’s also got brains because he’s a Wednesday fan!


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