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Wainwright vs. Pickles: A Fight to Remember

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Wainwright Pickles

Dennis Hobson’s Thoughts on the Upcoming Wainwright Pickles Fight

Dennis Hobson, a respected figure in the boxing community, has high hopes for the Wainwright vs. Pickles showdown. According to Hobson, both fighters are eager to test themselves and seize the opportunity to advance their careers.

“Sometimes people can get too precious about holding their fighters back and not putting them in too risky a fight,” Hobson said. “But fighters have got to test themselves. When you’re with Fight Academy, if a fighter gets beat, it’s not the end of their career with us. Both Keanen and Billy see it that way, it’s a cracking 50-50 fight.”

Hobson’s philosophy emphasizes growth through competition, a principle that both Wainwright and Pickles embrace. This approach sets the stage for a high-stakes eliminator for the Commonwealth Title, with the winner earning a shot at either the Silver Belt or the full title.

Wainwright Pickles: A Balanced Match-Up

Analysing the strengths and backgrounds of both fighters, Hobson highlighted the unique balance that makes this match so intriguing. “Billy’s slightly the bigger fella’, so he’s got an advantage there, but Keanen’s fought at a higher level but at a lighter weight, so that makes it an even fight,” he explained.

Billy Pickles, known for his size and strength, has a slight physical advantage. However, Keanen Wainwright’s experience at a higher competitive level adds an intriguing dynamic to the fight. This balance ensures that the fight remains unpredictable and thrilling for fans and analysts alike.

Wainwright Pickles The Fighters’ Perspective

Both Wainwright and Pickles jumped at the chance to face each other, fully aware of the implications. For them, this fight is not just about winning but about personal and professional growth. Hobson remarked, “Obviously, I think a lot about both and it’s very difficult sometimes to put two of your fighters in with each other, but it has to be done sometimes to progress their careers. When the idea was proposed, they both jumped at the chance, so let’s do it.”

Their eagerness to compete reflects their commitment to their careers and their confidence in their abilities. The fight is an opportunity for both to showcase their skills, learn from the experience, and move closer to achieving their dreams.

The Stakes of the Fight between Wainwright Pickles

The significance of this fight cannot be overstated. As an eliminator for the Commonwealth Title, the stakes are incredibly high. The winner will progress onto bigger things, while the loser’s career will be carefully rebuilt by Fight Academy.

Hobson elaborated on this point, saying, “It’s an eliminator for the Commonwealth Title, so whoever wins will get a shot at the Silver Belt or the full title. So, the winner will progress onto bigger things and we’ll rebuild the career of whoever comes out second best.”

This approach ensures that both fighters, regardless of the outcome, have a future with Fight Academy. The promotional company’s commitment to its athletes is evident in its support and strategic planning.

The Emotional Element

One of the challenges for Hobson is his personal connection to both fighters and their families. He expressed his feelings candidly, saying, “I really like both kids and their families, so it’s a difficult one in a way, but I’m looking forward to seeing who comes out on top, and I think whoever wins and whoever loses, both their stocks will go up.”

The personal element adds an extra layer of complexity to the fight. Despite this, Hobson remains optimistic about the positive outcomes for both fighters. A good fight will elevate their status, and even the losing fighter can learn and grow from the experience.

Credit Where It’s Due

Hobson also acknowledged the role of Fight Academy in making this fight happen. He stated, “There’s a bit of credit to us as a promotional company for putting two of our kids into this 50-50 fight but, at the same time, credit to both Keanen and Billy and their camps for getting it on.”

The willingness of both fighters and their camps to take on this challenge is commendable. It reflects their dedication and belief in their abilities. Fight Academy’s role in facilitating such match-ups demonstrates its commitment to fostering competitive and exciting boxing events.


The upcoming fight between Keanen Wainwright and Billy Pickles is shaping up to be an unforgettable event. With high stakes, balanced strengths, and the full support of their promoter, both fighters are poised to deliver a thrilling performance. As Dennis Hobson and the rest of the boxing community eagerly await the outcome, one thing is certain: this fight will be a significant milestone in the careers of both Wainwright and Pickles.


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