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Liverpool, UK — February 24, 2024 Joe McGrail, the undefeated pro boxer with a penchant for Everton Football Club, is gearing up for his next bout in Liverpool after a thrilling experience fighting in America. McGrail, who boasts an impressive record of 8-0, sat down for an exclusive Q&A session ahead of his upcoming fight on February 24th.
Joe McGrail

Q: Your last fight was in America, what was that experience like? And how pleased are you to be back fighting in front of your own crowd in Liverpool?

A: “I hadn’t been to America before so it was a great experience for me to fight out there, but I’m also excited to be fighting in Liverpool … can’t beat the local fight nights.”

Q: You’re 8-0 as a pro – how happy are you with your career progress so far?

A: “I have made a good start to the pros. I’m happy with the direction I’m heading in and look forward to the future to show what I’m about.”

Q: You’ve stopped four opponents so far – do you consider yourself a puncher? Are you looking for another KO win on the 24th?

A: “I think I punch correctly and accurately. I have a good shot selection and clever boxing brain, and I throw all my punches with spite. Another stoppage would be nice on the 24th.”

Q: Give us your thoughts on the headline fight between Connor Butler and Jay Harris – who do you see coming out on top?

A: “It’s a great fight. I look forward to watching it; both are good game boxers. I know Connor well and have done a lot of rounds with him over the years. I believe Connor wins on points in a great close fight.”

Q: You won’t be looking past your fight on Feb 24th – but what are your aims/ambitions for 2024?

A: “Staying busy and injury-free is the main thing. I want to push the rounds up and start fighting better people this year, while continuing to put good performances in.”

Q: How far do you think you are off from fighting for your first title (Area/English or British)?

A: “I believe I’m ready now, it’s just a case of getting in a position to fight for one.”

Q: How do you rate Everton’s chances of staying up this year?

A: “I believe we will stay up; the club’s spirit is too strong – we’ve shown in previous seasons that we don’t give up.”

As Joe McGrail continues his undefeated streak in the boxing ring, his dedication to Everton and his aspirations for boxing glory remain unwavering. Fans eagerly anticipate his next bout on February 24th, where McGrail aims to showcase his skills once again in front of his home crowd in Liverpool.


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