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Liverpool Boxer Ethan Brown Anticipates Homecoming Victory at Olympia

Liverpool, February 20, 2024 - As the much-anticipated fight night at the Olympia in Liverpool draws near, local boxing sensation Ethan Brown is gearing up for his fifth appearance at the historic venue. Hailing from the streets just around the corner, the fighter expresses palpable excitement about stepping into the ring in front of his hometown crowd once again.
Ethan Brown

“I’m looking forward to it, it’s only round the corner from where I live,” Ethan Brown remarked, exuding confidence ahead of the bout. Having previously fought at the Olympia on four occasions without conceding a single round, the fighter maintains a steadfast determination to uphold his undefeated record.

Reflecting on the venue’s storied history and vibrant atmosphere, Ethan acknowledges the legacy of great fighters who have graced its stage in the past. “It’s a good venue, there’s been loads of good fighters fight there in the past, and there’s always a good atmosphere in there,” he noted.

When questioned about his knowledge of his upcoming opponent on February 24th, Ethan Brown admitted to limited exposure but asserted his readiness for the challenge. “I haven’t seen much of him, to be honest,” he conceded, “but I’ll be prepared for whatever comes my way and expect a tough fight as I do with every fight.”

Describing his boxing style as versatile and adaptive, Ethan Brown emphasises his ability to showcase different techniques depending on the situation. “I don’t really have a certain style. I can box off the back foot or the front foot,” he explained, highlighting his proficiency in counterpunching as an aspect yet to be fully unveiled in his previous fights.

Turning his attention to the Fightzone platform, where he is set to make his debut on the 24th of February, Ethan Brown commends the platform for providing a valuable stage for boxers to display their skills. “I’ve seen a lot of Fightzone. They put on some brilliant shows and give us a good platform to showcase what we can do,” he remarked.

While his focus remains firmly on his upcoming bout, Ethan Brown shares his aspirations for 2024, aiming for increased activity and progression through tougher opposition, culminating in a shot at his first professional title towards the year’s end.

Regarding the main event featuring Connor Butler and Jay Harris, Ethan expressed his support for Butler, citing their long-standing acquaintance and Butler’s demonstrated prowess in the ring. “I hope Connor wins and, knowing what he can do, I think he will,” he stated confidently.

As the countdown to fight night continues, anticipation builds among fans eager to witness Ethan Brown’s return to the Olympia, where he aims to extend his winning streak and further solidify his status as a rising star in the boxing world.


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